project12 Cycleworks ís Michiel Burgerhout. From the first sketch to the headbadge; it’s all a one man show.
After a carreer as an architect I decided in 2016 that it was time for a change. Something even better and something in which I could combine my designskills and technical background with my biggest passion: cycling
Or to be more precise: steel bicycles, fillet brazed and very custom. I do not pretend to build the fastest or lightest bike, but it will give you the biggest smile. Either on a Granfondo, a technical singletrack or just at home looking at it.

If you want to talk bikes, or try one out (preferably somewhere close to the Netherlands) let me know! After cycling talking about bikes is my favorite pastime. As of the custom nature of the frames an exact price is hard to pin down, but before I start building you will always get a fixed price. A fixie with a RAL powdercoat will be around €1.100,-, a more complex Long Travel Hardtail with custom yoke and dropouts, internal cables, Reynolds 853 and a custom painjob will quicly surpass this.

I work closely with Frank Kindermans of Mago, both for bikefitting as wheels. A proper bikefitting in advance will pinpoint fysical peculiarities which can incorporated in the design of the bike. After the build Frank will finetune the position on the bike for a perfect fit. I prefer to deliver completely built up bikes, I do this with .
I also work with 247watersnijden for custom frameparts, Prisma coatings for powdercoat and dePotterXL for decals.