Vertigo is a steel, handbuilt, filletbrazed full suspension with a bespoke geometry, size and travel. 
By using the seat tube as a backbone the frame can be built to measure. 29er or 650B, XC/Trail geometry or full on long and slack? Pretty much everythingh is possible. Stack and reach, chainstay length, headtube angle and BB drop. Vertigo can be built around different sizes shocks, with travel ranging from 95mm to 150mm. Even a Pinion gearbox is possible. I am currently working on the design of the MK4 Vertigo, so the drawing above might be somewhat outdated, but it still sums Vertigo up nicely.

Vertigo can be ordered like any other project12 bike; send me a message with your dreams and ideas and we’ll discuss until we get the best bike for you.

Every frame is unique and will be tailored to your wishes. Want your initials cut out in the dropout, or a tapered integrated headtube? No problem!