process/how to order

I feel that personal contact and discussion, a unique design and the building process are equally important to get your best bike. Ordering a bike with me looks something like this:

First send me a message with your dreams and wishes: what will you be doing with the bike, where do you ride, how do you ride, how big are you, what are your current bikes,etc. Everything to give me an impression of the person I am talking to.
I will check your email and if I think I can build you this bike I will ask you for a non-refundable deposit of € 500,-. This gets you a place in the queue and a frame number. I will also give you an estimated start date of your frame or bike. I am a one man band doing custom frames, hence the estimated. I will also send you a form for your measurements, parts and other vital info for your new bike. If you are not sure about how you sit and ride, or have some physical issues I’ll probably advise you to go and get a good bikefit. I proudly work with Mago in Rotterdam, but if you have another fitter that’s of course fine.

A couple of weeks before I start your frame I will contact you to set up a meeting. Either in the workshop in person, over the phone or through email or chat. What you prefer.

With all the data, our discussions and maybe the input from a testride I’ll set up a first drawing. This one will be adjusted and changed while we discuss the bike, until we both agree this is the best bike for you. Once we both agree on the design I will ask for a 50% minus € 500,- deposit.
Once the building starts I’ll notify you and will send updates and photo’s of the work.
After the frame comes back from paint or powdercoat I will check it again, clean threads, face, ream and tap where needed and treat the frame internally against rust. Once the 2nd invoice is payed you can pick up the frame or I’ll ship it to you. When you have ordered a complete bike I’ll build it up, thoroughly check and carefully testride it before it is delivered.


All project12 frames are covered by a 2 years warranty on manufacturing defects. Within 2 years of you receiving the frame we will cover materials, labour and powdercoating.

Due to the very specific and detailed nature repainting custom painted frames is not covered in the base price. For an additional charge you can get your custom paintjob included in the warranty of the frame. Reparing small patches will be judged on a case by case basis and after consulting the painter.

Powdercoating a previously painted frame is included in the warranty, with a choice in any RAL colors.

Crash replacement:

All project12 frames from 2022 onward are covered by a 2 year crash replacement/crash fix. If you damage your frame in a crash or accident we will fix it for you for material, paint and shipping cost only, labour will not be charged. If the damage is so extensive that the whole frame needs to be replaced we will offer you a discount on a new frame.

Crash replacement will be done in accordance with my planning. If you want your frame fixed sooner than the planning permits you will be charged for the hours worked, íf I can fit you in my planning. This will be judged on a case by case basis.

Warranty and crash replacement are only covered for the original owner.

3rd party parts mounted to the frame are covered by the warranty policy of the 3rd party supplier.