Update April ’24:

I started project12 as the literal 12th project on my “get back on my feet” to do list after I had a massive burnout from my career as an architect. This resulted in me building a couple of bikes for myself, then for some friends and then things escalated quickly. Over the past 7 years I have built a lot of amazing bikes for amazing people and I am pretty proud of the feedback and love I have been getting.
With my move to the Bicyclehub in Wijchen 2 years ago I unknowingly entered a new phase. Having a proper workshop with serious machinery, a ton of knowledge from my colleagues and lots of new insights in how to build and design bikes made me rethink a lot of things.
Since last year we have been working hard to build Vittorio: handmade steel (travel)bikes. A couple of standard sizes, with the option of custom sizing and preferably sold as complete bikes from our showroom. 
I am also working on setting up UNpaved Cycles: A small batch evolution of my favorite project12 bikes. We have a couple of UNpaved Victor prototypes riding around, and are working on a new Vertigo trailbike. 
On top of those 2 massive projects we are working hard to turn the Bicyclehub into one of the best bikeshops in the Netherlands, with a new website and dealerships for Orbea, Kona, Banshee and other amazing brands.
So my plate is a bit full at the moment….. which is why I have decided to put project12 on the slow burner.
I love building custom bikes and the interactions with my clients, but it is pretty hard to make a living out of just that here in the Netherlands. 

That doesn’t mean I am closing the doors!
But if you are looking for a Victor (or Vertigo) I’ll gladly help you at UNpaved. If you want an awesome gravelbike or hardtail please contact me through Vittorio.
 I will be building max 4 bikes a year for project12, and only Vegurs or D902’s, either in Columbus XCR or with 3D printed lugs. These are the kind of frames where I love the craft, getting stuff right with your hands and where custom sizing and geometry has real value. 
Questions?: don’t hesitate to contact me or even better drop down by the workshop in Wijchen!

Michiel, Wijchen, april 2024

project12 designs and builds steel bikes, especially roadbikes, gravelbikes and mountainbikes. Started in 2017 by Michiel Burgerhout who, after a career as an architect of more than 10 years, decided it was time for a change.
project12 brings together the passion for design and bikes. Details are not bought but designed in house to create bikes that are móre than just custom sized. Combining elbowgrease, watercut parts, CNCing and brazing with brass and silver bikes are made that are not just a pleasure to ride, but also to look at. 

Want to know more, or come by to have a chat or demoride? >contact